Thodoris Kapetanakis, Senior Web Developer - Contao CMS, Shopware & CSCart.

i am Thodoris Kapetanakis, web developerwith 11 years hands on experience and this is my resume/cv

About Me

I am a Senior Web Developer specialized in Contao (CMS), Shopware (Ecommerce) & Cscart (Ecommerce). I have been honored for my business analytic approach to solving problems technically perfect at the lowest cost. Also for balancing well my technical skills & serving clients. I have proven track records of success & 5 star references the previous years. I am searching for long term fruitful cooperation with IT business & other web developers.

Soft Skills

Mind your business, like it was mine
Good team player
Stick to project's deadline
Character mature for long term cooperation
Analytic approach that balance well with my coding skills
Project management skills
Listen & Understand before start coding
Full time professional developer

Work Experience

Berlin, Germany
2017 - present
Shopware Frontend Developer & Analytics Developer
Working closely with company's in house team and develop awesome Shopware ecommerce projects.
Hamburg, Germany
2016 - 2018
Contao CMS Consultant & Developer
Participating in a big & great development team i am offering my Contao Consultant Services & Contao Custom development of modules & API connections with other external services.
Stuttgart, Germany
2016 - 2018
Front-end Developer & Ecommerce Developer
I am participating in numerous Shopware projects offering top quality for German ecommerce businesses. I am specialized in frontend tasks like transforming custom PSD designs to Custo Shopware Responsive themes. Also configuring Shopware modules & developing custom Shopware addons is in my everyday routine.
Rethymno, Greece
Co-funder & Lead Ecommerce Developer
Gained tremendous real world ecommerce experience & how a small ecommerce company with low budget can become a market leader. I architected the Social Media Presence of the company and all online marketing strategies & campaigns. I increased the sales from 0(zero) to +200k and maximized profitability by building a lot ecommerce automated tools. I developed custom software automation tools speeding up the packaging of orders, increasing customer experience by integrating helpdesk software with the ecommerce software. I built automation tool with SMS notifications that sends tracking info to customer's mobile phones. I developed a centralized dashboard with the status of each parcel by connecting logistics API & ecommerce software. ...and a lot more
Rethymno, Greece
Lead Web Developer & Ecommerce Developer
Realized more than 100+ Contao CMS websites for small to medium size local companies. Realized more than 20+ CsCart ecommerce websites for local companies. I was responsible for the hole ecommerce positioning concept & consulting for the preparation steps to launch an ecommerce business. Handcrafted the custom design in PHP, HTML, CSS and delivered pixel perfect responsive result to client.

Featured projects
As Lead Frontend Developer in close cooperation with Acid21 in house team we produced an outstanding custom Shopware theme for a German company.
PSD to custom Shopware theme & Shopware plugin development for DIS company.
Worked with a team with the best Contao Veterans & Experts and produced an awesome full functional frontend & backend infrastructure using Contao & Angular.
As Lead Contao Developer during this project i developed extra Contao modules that read xml from web services, presenting data with valid html/css/jquery, implementing custom cart & checkout behaviour & finally saving visitor's reservations in external database using external API. I have made custom Contao payment modules using Proxy Pay API payment services.
24 Shopware Projects
I have hands on experience in advanced Shopware projects. Shopware frontend development & advanced analytics integrations inside Shopware are in my tasks list everyday.
100+ Contao Projects
I have experience in more than 100 projects in Contao CMS. I have used Contao content managment system for more than 7 years building small & medium websites for companies. Touristic companies websites, hotels & various corporate websites. I have also realized ~10 bigger websites, news portal, booking & custom implemantations using Contao.
20 CSCart Projects
I have experience in more than 20 projects in CsCart. I have experience more than 7 years in CS-CART Ecommerce Software. I have used Cscart since 1.x versions.

Education & Seminars

  • 2008-present
    Ecommerce Development seminars

    Attended more than 30 Live & Online Seminars & Courses specialized in various IT fields.

  • 2005-present
    Web Development Seminars

    Attended more than 50 Live & Online Seminars & Courses specialized in various IT fields.

  • 2010-present
    Google Adwords Certification Seminars

    I renew every year my Google Adwords Certification & attending Google Events & Seminars.

  • 2002-2007
    Graduated from Computer Science Department, University of Crete, Greece

    University of Crete is recognized one of the good & more difficult universities in the world.



CMS & Ecommerce Platforms

Hire a Shopware freelancer, Hire a Shopware Developer Hire a Contao freelancer, Hire a Contao Developer Hire a CSCart freelancer, Hire a CSCart Developer

Coding Skills



100% Google PageSpeed optimization. Validate here
W3C Standards Validate here
WCAG, Section 508, WAI ARIA, Validate here
SEO build in the core

SEO & SEM Skills

Search Engine Optimization, Google Search Console
Google Adwords, Facebook Advertisments
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking, dataLayer

Project Management / DEVOPS

Scrum, Agile, Effort estimation
Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Slack, Skype
Grunt, Gulp
Cpanel, Plesk, Web Host Manager



Currently training with

Google Website Speed Optimization
Google Analytics Certification